Professor Ruth Ben-Israel studied at the Academy of Applied (Decorative) Art in Paris. Family needs obliged her to study law and to develop a legal career instead of an artistic one. Consequently, she became a prominent and leading professor in Labour Law and Social Security - so much so that in 2001, Professor Ben-Israel was awarded the Israel Prize for legal research.

In 2005, at the age of 74, Professor Ben-Israel felt a strong need for renewal, to gain a fresh perspective, and an urge to realize herself in a new and different way. Hence, professor Ben-Israel underwent a professional transition and began painting Old Testament stories using the computer for this purpose.

Professor Ben-Israel was enchanted by the fact that the uniqueness that the computer "brush" creates offers innovative qualities, which are unparalleled among traditional painting tools used thus far for this purpose. The new qualities of the digital "brush" enable the provision of a new perspective to the Old Testament paintings, which could not be provided in the past.

The Old Testament stories painted by Professor Ben-Israel are presented in series, each of which relates to a specific biblical scene.

In 2010 the book Bible Illuminations, From Creation to Moses was published by Geffen and Modan Publishing Houses. This book contains over 200 digital paintings.

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